FALCON FIRE protection district


The Falcon Fire Protection District is exploring the feasibility of a mill levy increase to fund an ambulance service, shore up staffing needs, and improve services to residents of the fire district. Inspired by comments received on surveys and from Town Hall-style meetings with residents, FFPD has created this page to address some common questions about District operations and this exploratory effort.


 Click the image above to see the slides for the Town Hall Meeting presentations. (5 MB)

Why can’t you ask for more money from the county or state?

The Falcon Fire Protection District is funded primarily through property taxes. It does not receive any funding from either El Paso County or the State of Colorado.

An increase of 6.274 mills increase seems like a lot.

If the mill levy were increased from the current 8.612 mills to the proposed 14.886 mills, the estimated tax increase you would pay to the Falcon Fire Protection District is $45.17 per year (or about $3.76 per month) per $100,000 of a residential property’s market value.

$200,000 = $90.34 per year

$300,000 = $135.51 per year

$400,000 = $180.68 per year

$500,000 = $225.85 per year

How do we know that the fire district won’t be back in a few years asking for more money?

The Falcon Fire Protection District prides itself on being fiscally responsible. Since the fire district's inception in 1981, it has received only two mill levy increases in 37 years. The last mill levy increase, from 5.7 mills to 8.612 mills, was approved by voters in 2010. FFPD currently has one of the lowest mill levies of any county fire district yet serves one of the fastest-growing areas. 

I don’t understand how my property taxes are calculated.

Check the property tax statement you receive from the El Paso County Assessor’s Office to see your home’s market value, assessed value, and the different taxes you pay (schools, fire district, water district, etc.). You can also view this information online (http://land.elpasoco.com/).

Here’s how the tax assessment process works:

1. The El Paso County Assessor’s Office first establishes a property’s market value. We’ll use an example of $250,000 as the market value.

2. The Assessor then multiplies that value by a Residential Assessment Rate (RAR) to determine the assessed value. The RAR is established at the state level bu a constitutional amendment known as the Gallagher Amendment and is currently  set at 7.2%.

$250,000 (market value) X 0.072 (RAR) = $18,000 (assessed value)

3. The mill levy is applied to the assessed value to determine what a special district or other taxing authority receives from the taxpayer.

$18,000 (assessed value) X 0.008612 (Falcon FPD current mill levy) = $155.02 (taxes paid to the Falcon FPD)


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