Black Forest Fire Information

Black Forest Fire investigation tip line: 719-444-8393
Black Forest Burn Area Information link:

Frequently Asked Questions About Rebuilding

Map of Burn Area and Evacuation Zones (as of 6/15/2013 at 11:00):


Black Forest Fire Video by Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners (

NFPA Fire Break: Fire marshals impacted by recent wildfire developing local outreach tool (8/20/2013):

Falcon F.D. Lieutenant C. Benoit speaks to CBS News (6/17/2013):

Firefighters from Falcon F.D. and other agencies recount their experiences with the Black Forest Fire (6/20/2013):

Black Forest Fire

Lessons Learned from Oakland Hills

Personal Experiences from the Black Forest Fire: How vegetation management/mitigation by homeowners helped firefighters