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The information in this section has a wide variety of resources available through the Falcon Fire Protection District and other organizations in El Paso County.  The Protection District offers classes, presentations, blood pressure checks, address signs, amongst other items. 

Blood Pressure
Truck Appearances
Safety House

Fire/Evacuation Drills


Falcon Fire helps companies and organizations that wish to create a building evacuation plan or to conduct a fire drill. Falcon Fire will meet with representatives to help establish a plan, provide advice on the most effective means of evacuation, or actually stand by during a staged fire drill. To schedule the Fire/Evacuation Drills, contact the Public Education department at (719) 495-4050.

Fire Safety House

The Fire Safety House is a mobile replica of a residential dwelling built on a trailer and transported to schools and community events. It is staffed by two firefighters who make fire safety presentations on each level of the house that culminates in an actual home evacuation drill. The Fire Safety House can be reserved at least a month in advance for major events. It is most appropriate for elementary school aged children. For set up it requires a fairly level and accessible area at least 40 x 20 feet in size. To schedule the Fire Safety House, contact the Public Education department at (719) 495-4050.

Fire Truck Appearances

Falcon Fire will send a fire apparatus to public events such as parades or festivals upon request, as availability allows.  Please provide at least two weeks advance notice so that an apparatus can be scheduled. Firefighters can explain features of the apparatus, talk about the job of firefighting, and provide safety information. They generally have stickers available for children and fire safety pamphlets for adults who request them. To schedule an apparatus, contact the Public Education department at (719) 495-4050. Please note that appearances are not guaranteed.

Safety Presentations

Firefighters can do a presentation on fire safety, a career in firefighting, or a related topic. To arrange a Falcon Fire crew member to visit a group function, simply contact the Public Education department by calling (719) 495-4050. A minimum group size of 25 is required. It is recommended that speakers be requested at least two weeks before the event. This is a free service. Upon request, Falcon Fire crews will also participate in local health fairs or expositions with an exhibition booth. A firefighter will staff the booth, which features a static display highlighting fire and life safety, and be available to answer questions.

For information on fire and life safety presentations to Falcon area schools including day care facilities, see School Presentations.

School Presentations

Firefighters visit schools within the Falcon service area to deliver a message on fire and life safety; the presentations are divided into two separate formats targeted at specific age groups. All age groups are taught the dangers of playing with fire, what to do in case of a fire, and the importance of smoke alarms. Early childhood, kindergarten, 1-2 grade classes are taught fire safety and tour an actual fire truck. Older children receive messages that reinforce proper fire safety techniques, and introduces students to first aid, cooking safety and arson awareness.

Firefighters also will schedule visits to local day care facilities upon request. They share basic fire safety information with children and show them the fire engine and what a firefighter looks like in bunker (firefighting) gear. The presentation focuses on teaching children that firefighters are their friends, not to play with matches and lighters, and how to safely exit the home in case of fire.

To schedule a presentation, call the Public Education department at (719) 495-4050.

Station Visits

Falcon Fire will accommodate visits to fire stations for small groups. Although no minimum number of visitors is required, this service is provided most often to scout troops and school groups. Normal hours for station visits are 9-11 a.m. and 1-6 p.m. Visitors are provided with a station tour, then can view the fire apparatus and ask firefighters questions about their job, fire safety, the station and the Falcon Fire Protection District. To arrange a station tour, contact the Public Education department at (719) 495-4050 to schedule at least a week in advance. 

Blood Pressure Checks

Falcon Fire is pleased to offer free blood pressure checks to our community.  Please stop in at Fire Station 1 located at 12072 Royal County Downs Road,  Station 3 located at 7030 Old Meridian Road, or Station 4 at 2710 Capital Drive during regular business hours.

Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating

Effective February 01, 2017, the Falcon Fire Protection District’s ISO (Insurance Services Office) grading schedule has been updated to a Class 3/10 Fire Department. 

Class 3: Applies to all residential properties within five road miles of any Falcon fire station or any of our neighboring Automatic Aid fire district stations, whether or not these areas are supplied with fire hydrants. 

Class 10: Applies to all properties that are not within five road miles of a Falcon fire station or one of our neighboring Automatic Aid fire district stations, regardless of fire hydrant protection.

 ISO Rating Sheet

The ISO is a nationwide nonprofit advisory organization that provides rating and other information services to property and casualty insurance industries. Its Public Protection Classification (PPC™) program assesses the quality of public fire protection services for communities nationwide. This classification applies only to fire protection and does not take into account a community’s risk for natural disasters such as floods, hail, or high winds.


The PPC rating is just one factor used by some insurance companies to determine homeowner’s insurance premiums. However, it is important to note that not all insurers utilize ISO’s information.

When ISO representatives evaluate a community to determine its PPC, they look at the fire prevention and structural fire suppression capabilities of the area’s fire department. According to the ISO website (, these include:

  • Emergency communications (emergency reporting and dispatch systems)

  • Fire department (equipment, staffing, training, response times, facilities, equipment maintenance and testing)

  • Water supply systems (amount of water available for firefighting, inspection and flow testing of fire hydrants)

  • Fire risk reduction (fire prevention codes and enforcement, public fire safety education, fire investigation)


ISO’s PPC grading scale ranges from Class 1, which denotes “superior property fire protection” to Class 10, which indicates that an area’s fire protection does not meet the minimum criteria established by ISO. Lower ratings reflect the quality of a fire department and the services it provides, and usually translate into lower-cost homeowners insurance premiums for customers of insurance companies that use ISO information.


1. Look at your property tax bill or visit the El Paso County Assessor’s website here to determine whether your property is located within the boundaries of the Falcon Fire Protection District.

2. Next, you can refer to an Internet mapping web page such as Google maps to determine your driving distance from the nearest Falcon FPD fire station or one of our neighboring Automatic Aid fire stations.

3. Compare your findings to the definitions shown on this page.

Once you have this information, check with your insurance agent or carrier to verify that the correct ISO rating is on file for your homeowners insurance policy. 

CPR Classes

Falcon Fire offers community CPR classes to those interested in becoming certified by the American Heart Association. Please contact the public education department at (719) 495-4050 to sign up for a class. Check the calendar here for future classes. Falcon Fire is not currently offering any classes. 


Safety Presentation
Statio Visits
Address Signs
CPR Classes

Rural Address Sign Program

The Falcon Fire Protection District offers an address sign program for properties located within the District boundaries. The sign post consists of a brown fiberglass post with white reflective numbers on both sides.


We request a $30.00 donation be submitted with this form for each address post. This donation will cover the cost of materials as well as installation of the post at the drive entrance to your property.


This form along with the donation shall be mailed or dropped off at our Headquarters building (7030 Old Meridian Road) before the sign is made or installed.


For more information about this program, please contact (719) 495-4050.

Peak Alerts

Peak Alerts

El Paso - Teller County 911 utilizes a notification system called Peak Alerts to warn residents of evacuations and shelter in place warnings in their area. To sign up for Peak Alerts, go the their website here.  

Water Test Kit

Water Test Kits

Our Protection District distributes El Paso County Water Test Kits (both bacteriological and inorganic ions) for water testing to ensure water quality meets Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations. We have kits available for free at our Station 3, 7030 Old Meridian Road.

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