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Emergency Services

Fire Suppression

May contain: car, vehicle, transportation, person, and truck

The Falcon Fire Protection District responds to and is prepared for a variety of incidents involving fires. Some of these incidents include structure, vehicle, outside (wildland), trash, and appliance fires. Though less common, FFPD has personnel, apparatus, and equipment ready to respond and handle these types of incidents. 

Emergency Medical Services

inside of an ambulance

The Falcon Fire Protection District responds to medical calls, which are the majority of calls seen in our district. FFPD transports nearly 1,000 patients annually to hospitals using their ambulances. For every medical call, a paramedic can provide advanced life support assessment and care. 

FFPD utilizes a third party billing agency. 

Hazardous Materials

May contain: worker, person, shovel, tool, and device

The Falcon Fire Protection District responds to hazmat incidents with Hazmat-Operations level personnel. These incidents include spills, leaks, and odor investigations.  FFPD, however, will typically rely on mutual aid agencies, El Paso County Hazmat, and utility companies to mitigate the hazard. 

Technical Incidents

May contain: person, man, adult, male, truck, vehicle, transportation, car, and helmet

The Falcon Fire Protection District responds to incidents involving technical rescue. FFPD can perform basic rescue techniques during traffic accidents with entrapment and other unique incidents. FFPD will typically rely on other agencies when infrequent, specialized rescues are required.