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Cory A. Galicia

Position: Board Assistant Secretary

Director Galicia was elected for a 4-year term in May of 2014. He was sworn in for a second 4-year term on May 16, 2018, having been one of only two candidates nominated to fill board positions up for election. He resigned for a short period of time in 2020, due to a conflict in his work schedule. He was then promoted to a higher position within his company and was able to serve on the Board again. He was appointed in January 2021 to fill another director's vacant seat. He spent 16 years working for the FFPD as a firefighter, first as a volunteer and then climbing the ladder to career battalion chief. He is in the construction business today but said he feels it’s important to help the fire department get back on track with the community and to get the community back on track with the department.

“My main goal is to bring the community back into the firehouse,” Director Galicia said. “It’s been kind of separate over the last few years. “

During his time with the FFPD, Director Galicia helped develop the Explorer program for youth interested in firefighting and the emergency medical services program. He has lived in the Falcon community for 30+ years and attended Falcon High School, where he met his wife.

Director Galicia said his involvement with the FFPD has given him insight into the department that would be beneficial to the board. “I know the department inside and out, and I’ve been involved in positive changes and growth within the department,” he said. “I would be a positive influence on the other board members and my knowledge of the direction the fire chief is trying to take the department would be a big help.”