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Thomas Kerby

Position: Assistant Secretary

Director Kerby was elected for a 4-year term in May of 2014. He was sworn in for a second 4-year term on May 16, 2018, having been one of only two candidates nominated to fill board positions up for election. He was appointed to fill a vacant position on the board in July & is currently serving as Assistant Secretary. He stated as a board member he would like to give back to the community and bring that sense of community back to the fire department. He said his civil engineering degree and knowledge about infrastructure, roads, water mains and water delivery systems, among other things, will help him serve on the board. “I’m a manager,” he said. “The board needs to operate as a managerial-type position. We want to enable Chief Harwig to run the department because he is the professional. In my opinion, the most important task of the board is to provide the chief with the necessary tools he needs to achieve what is best for the community.”

Director Kerby works as the development engineer and district engineer for Meridian Ranch but has lived in Falcon Hills since 2000 with his wife of nearly 30 years. He said the FFPD has stayed ahead of the growth in the area over the past several years with the construction of new facilities and the addition of the ambulance service to better serve the community.

The District still has challenges ahead with the continued encroachment of the City of Colorado Springs from the west and the large increase of calls for service. It is an honor to have been selected to be a small part in enabling our crews to provide the best possible service to our constituents.